RIAA’s Most Wanted

TechTV posted an article listing ISPs and usernames of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing “criminals” targeted for prosecution.

The following user names were culled from subpoenas filed with the US District Court in Washington, DC. All subpoenas, incidentally, are being served by the Los Angeles law firm of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp. A total of 253 RIAA subpoenas were listed as of July 22 through the federal court system’s paid online database, PACER. The actual subpoenas are available to view online in about half the cases.

Meanwhile, the RIAA encounters some resistance from SBC’s lawsuit to protect the privacy of their customers. Unfortunately, Verizon’s similar attempts failed earlier this year.

Small Pets

We have two cats, Dexter and Muka, but what I really want is one of these tea cup poodles. They would definitely be easier to maintain; poodles don’t shed, these tiny versions would consume only a small amount of food and water, and you could teach them to use a litter box. Or take them to work in your pocket and sit them in a coffee mug during the day. I wonder what their bark sounds like.

What does the future of pets hold between special breeding and genetic manipulation? It seems like smaller is a good way to go for space and maintenence concerns – it might be fun to have a tea cup cow.

Login Problems?

I decided to swap themes here so I could increase my layout options. I tried extracting the template jar over my existing app, but that didn’t seem to work. Failing that, I thought it adequate to export the site, including snips and users, then deleted and recrated the site.

It appeared fine at first, but then Hans brought to my attention that logins were failing. Somehow it seems the user’s passwords no longer were what the user set. So, if you created an account before 7/25/2003, it’s been deleted. Content remains, as do the user pages, but you must re-register. Sorry bout that.

Update: The passwords broke because the exported values were encrypted. The import encrypted them again. I’d link you to the information but at this time, snipsnap.org is down :-(

Theme update

I just replaced the SnipSnap theme I originally installed on the system with one called sky, allowing me a pleasant 3 column format. Now I’ll see what I can break with CSS.

I’ll call the new theme Key Lime :-D

Public Experiment

For the time being, users are allowed some much freedom as public access is not very limited. I’m curious to see where this leads. I originally planned to lock down control to constrain users to commenting alone, and still expect to do so in the future as this is my space to share. But until I write that functionality myself or the SnipSnap developers deliver first, I’ll leave it alone and see what happens.

First Post!

It just dawned on me that as this first post is stored, it becomes my first real step into establishing my online home, and I ought to make my intentions clear. I’m not necessarily trying to make a name for myself, though I hope to have something to share.

I want a place to rant, relate experiences, ask questions, and think out loud. This is the perfect place for that.

We’ll see if I take advantage of it.