US recent earthquakes 2008-04-18

A moderate earthquake near West Salem, IL, woke us up this morning at 4:30 CST. We might’ve slept through it had it not been for some glasses rattling and a delayed recognition of what we were experiencing. We live on the 3rd floor of a 7 story brick and steel building in downtown, St. Louis, about 127 miles away from the epicenter, and felt the vibration once we were awake. Charlotte remained asleep.

For validation, the Internet had instant response from friends via twitter and the USGS was quickly updated.

An hour later, we’re still awake, but since everything is fine, I think I’ll crawl back into bed.

Live on Yahoo!

So, Yahoo released their community video site, and I figured that since I’ve got the camera on the mac (and am *so* incredibly fascinating) I could share a bit of that with you! If I’ve got it turned on (and their server isn’t overloaded again), you should see me here. If I’m connected, you can go to my channel and chat.

Hopefully I’ll come up with a more entertaining use for this. For now, it’ll pretty much be just for my own amusement.

What we’re up to

Life right now is pretty much consumed by of work, sleep, and Charlotte, so I’m not even going to pretend I have something new to say.

OK, maybe a little: Charlotte’s finally over much of her colicky phase, and we can actually put her down to sleep without swaddling her, so she’s much more fun now.

Here’s a video of Charlotte staring at herself on the laptop camera while we record… she seems to like this more than a mirror, and we can share for people who don’t get to see her often.

Six Week Checkup

I’m just checking in, it’s been a little while since I’ve said “hi.”

Kelly’s been home with Charlotte since birth, I took off work that first week, and we’ve apparently been parents for about six months. Time has passed in a way that I can’t measurably define it – I’d believe you equally if you suggested we brought her home a week, or a year ago; it seems like she’s been part of our family for so long, but I still feel like I’m making it up as I go. I don’t think I’ve done anything to permanently screw her up, yet, though.

Charlotte is clearly recognizing and watching people and toys now, but only directly interacting with a little reaching and occasional cooing (or screaming). We’ve maybe seen a few smiles and face mimicry, which is really the most amazing thing right now to see the gears turning in her head. As for the screaming, she’s often fussy between feedings, and sleeping, and outings… but hopefully that’ll peak soon and she’ll calm a little as her body’s development catches up some. We’ve had some successes with each of the soothing approaches, but we’ve found it ends up about the 17th thing you try, regardless of order. Or just waiting until time passes until she’s tired of screaming because she’s exhausted, but doesn’t know how to sleep.

Kelly and I sleep mostly normal night hours, but of course have regular interruptions for feedings and soothing. I’m certainly getting less sleep, and with it goes alertness, dexterity, sanity… Fortunately everyone’s been very understanding. (e.g. I still have a job. And a family.) I don’t get to hang out with friends as often, so you all can appropriately pass judgement.

We’ve gone out fairly often past few weeks for errands and food as Charlotte is fortunately fairly tame in the carrier seat used for the car and stroller. Often at her worst I can rock or swing her to nearly put her to sleep, which has led to amusing sights such as Kelly pushing an empty stroller frame through the mall with me following and swinging Charlotte. Overall, she’s well behaved while in motion, so we’re usually found creaking floorboards at home, or we found another place where we can pace and escape cabin-fever.

Charlotte and Santa 2007Today, we visited the mall, and even did the Santa visit bit. Charlotte behaved well enough, but seemed extra uncomfortable upright in another’s arms as mom and dad ducked behind the camera’s shot. Still cute, though. This’ll be fun to bring out many years later.

As for the rest of the holiday, we’ll hit grandma’s on the 24th, and be home on the 25th with family in the early morning for a traditional strawberry waffle feast. Then the next weekend before the end of the year, we’re driving up to Chicago and maybe Madison to visit extended family, and we’ll experience a long car trip with Charlotte for the first time. Hopefully between family engagements we can do some overdue catchup with friends.

Update: I’m not sure when it started, but so many pronouns are now Charlotte-relative. I think the generation context change happened overnight sometime in the last few weeks.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Anne Stephenson was born today, November 8th, 2007 at 9:12 in the morning. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 15.6 ounces, and is 20 inches long.

Charlotte sees people

some more pictures

We’re all doing great and hanging out at St. John’s hospital if you’d like to be introduced in person. We won’t even mind interrupting Charlotte’s first Firefly screening.

Sensing a theme

If you happened upon this site around the time of posting, you’d notice it appears to contain little more than posts on waiting for the birth of my child. This adequately represents the state of my brain as well.

We’ve even already had a trip to the hospital and back.

Unlike lastnight, I’m going to try to get some sleep now, and if we’re lucky, we’ll have something more tangible to share soon.

Walkin’ it out, yo

This morning we decided to walk a bit for our daily caffeine, and to see if we could help shake Charlotte out. We’re running out of days before the scheduled labor induction, and we’re both already anxious.

We just planned on going to Starbucks for energy, but ended up also stopping at infuz to chat with friends, and Union Station for a spicy lunch. Several hours, a few intermittent contractions, and 3.6 miles later, I don’t know if we’re any closer than if we just couched the morning away with our toys, but it was a gorgeous day to spend outside and I’m glad we could take advantage of it.

Now Kelly is napping.