Failing to Get Out

St. Louis is experiencing some amazing fall weather, yet I’ve failed to get off my ass and ride the dust-collecting bike.

At least I get to walk to and from the office. Hopefully the weather holds out for some recreation soon.

2008 is Half Over

I wasn’t prepared for this year to speed by so quickly, and I failed to plan coherent thoughts to share just now, but found myself staring at an embarrassingly old last post. Let’s play catch up!

I have not broken our beautiful baby, Charlotte, though she keeps us busy and provides me plenty of opportunity.
I accepted a promotion to VP of Tech (2.0) as our previous leader relocated west.
Uhh… see above.
This site:
Pondering its fate, struggling with its lack of focus.

… seriously, what am I doing still awake?

It is Hot

I dislike this weather.

St. Louis Weather Forecast

What this doesn’t show is the humidity we currently also have, which contributes to keeping me from going outside, let alone riding the bike. We rode briefly on Sunday morning, but I didn’t feel good about it afterwards. I’ll have to visit the fitness room instead this week.

Someday I’d like to live somewhere I can comfortably ride year-round, but in the meantime, I can be found inside, with the AC cranked.

Broke a Spoke, Replaced Wheelset

Airborne Zeppelin

My bike received a significant upgrade this weekend after a torn spoke led to a full wheelset replacement. Kevin from Big Shark was incredibly helpful and made sure my bike was back in riding condition with new wheels faster than it took us to get lunch and walk back to the shop – great service.

Seeking a set of Strong Wheels since I abuse my bike, I now ride on a Mavic Ksyrium SL wheelset instead of the stock wheels I settled for when I purchased the bike. I’m eager to spend some time on the road and trails to find out how they hold up. They certainly look good! (I’m such a poser.)

Team Discovery Joins Tour of Missouri

Mark your calendars…

The most recognizable team in international cycling is the first to sign on for the inaugural Tour of Missouri.

The Discovery Channel cycling team, for which Lance Armstrong rode to seven consecutive victories in the Tour de France, will participate in the race, which begins Sept. 11 in Kansas City and ends Sept. 16 in St. Louis.

Full Article

This race starts shortly after our 2007 two-day MS-150 ride, so I’ll enjoy some spectating while they speed through the state over the next week; I’m already curious to hear where the specific course route will go, but at least I know I’ll be able to cheer from the finish line in St. Louis.

Tour of Missouri